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Table of Contents

How to Get Started:

Your license key can be located at imag-r.com/license or within DesignGecko.

An ImagR License usually starts with "IMGR"

1. Download:

Get the latest ImagR version from imag-r.com/downloads by clicking on the Windows or MacOS button.

Download Image
System Requirements:

Make sure you're on one of these operating systems or newer:

  • Windows 10/11 - 64bit
  • MacOS - Big Sur

Consider the following minimum system specifications:
Intel Core i5 Processor
3GB Storage Space

2. Activation:

Online Activation

Online Activation: Visit imag-r.com/login, log in, and paste your license key into the provided field.A successful activation displays now the License, Activation, and Expiry Date.

Offline Activation

Offline Activation: Install imagR.exe from imag-r.com/downloads. Run it, open the license dialog, paste the key, and click verify.

3. "Expired License" Error:

Expired License

Solution: Check your license keys on design-gecko.com/my-account License keys View. Ensure the License is valid. If there's a duration, copy and paste the key to avoid typos.

4. "Invalid License" Error:

Invalid License

Solution: Find your orders on design-gecko.com/my-account Orders. Confirm the order is completed. Pending, failed or cancelled payments lead to expired licenses.

5. "Used more than 3 Times" Error:

Used 3 Times

Solution: Check activations on DesignGeckos License Page.
Click on view, and it will show current activations.
Click on "Deactivate" and "Delete" after to make room for a new device.

6. Upgrade/Downgrade License:


Solution: Visit DesignGecko's MyAccount section. Open the subscription tab, click "view" next to the subscription, and then click "Upgrade or Downgrade" to choose your new plan.

7. Disable Auto-Renewals:

Disable Auto-Renewals

Solution: Navigate to DesignGecko's MyAccount section. Open the subscription tab, click "view" next to the subscription, and simply disable the toggle for "Auto Renew".

8. How to Cancel Subscription:

Cancel Subscription

Solution: Cancel your subscription on design-gecko.com/my-account Subscription Cancel. If it shows "pending cancellation", you can use your license until it expires - but it won't renew in the future.

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