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Enhance your Image

for bigger resolution

What is Enhancement?

ImagR offers you the opportunity to enhance your image resolution.
Just choose the multiplier of enhancement and the file will enhance and download automatically!

Caution: The larger the multiplier and the image, the longer it will take to enlarge your image.

    How it works:
  • 1. Upload your Image
  • 2. Press on any enhance multiplier
  • 3. Be happy with your bigger image

The uploaded file is too big

The slow method can't process files over 1200px

Unfortunately the Slow Method needs a lot of ressources, which means it can't process big images in a reasonable time.
Therefore the upload is limited to images underneath 1200px. If your image is bigger, please consider to use the fast methods.

The result will be too big

The chosen multiplier is too high

Unfortunately the generated image will exceed our limit from 6000px if you use this multiplier.
Please use a smaller multiplier. If you can't use a smaller one, the image shouldn't be enhanced.

No more Free Uploads

Unfortunately you've been using all your free uploads on ImagR

Your free uploads will reset tomorrow, allowing you to continue using ImagR at no cost.
If you're enjoying ImagR and would like to keep using it without limitations, we encourage you to explore our subscription options.

Subscribing is an excellent way to support ImagR while enjoying uninterrupted access to all its features.

Wrong File Format

Unfortunately we encountered an error!

It seems like you're uploading a wrong file format.
Valid formats are:JPG | JPEG | PNG | BMP
If you uploaded a correct file, then it seems like the image is broken.
Please try another image or contact us here.

File is too big

Unfortunately the uploaded file is too big

ImagR online uploads have to stay under 100MB.
Please make sure your image size is smaller then 100MB and try again.

File already removed

Unfortunately your file already got deleted

ImagR online deletes your file 60 minutes after uploading.
Please make sure to finalize your work within that time to avoid this message.